Broadcasters and platform owners are investing millions in building and upgrading OTT platforms to ensure they can compete successfully with a growing array of digital competitors and deliver compelling user experiences.

Many of these broadcasters are beginning to move from their initial OTT offerings to more mature services that can scale for the future, and answer the requirements of demanding viewers and regulators.


This webinar uncovers the critical success factors for building a successful OTT service, including:
– Delivering content at scale as more viewing and live events move to OTT
– Ensuring a class-leading user experience and quality
– Using analytics to maximise revenue and engagement
– Ensuring cost efficiency in the OTT workflow
– Securing platforms and content against piracy and malicious attacks

Click below to view a recent webinar where our CTO Chris Wood, share the stage with industry colleagues from Akamai and France Television to talk about what’s needed for the next generation of OTT platforms.


Click here to view the webinar

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